Can a non-military civilian train to be a UAV pilot?

Topjoe Asked: Can a non-military civilian train to be a UAV pilot?

It seems that there will be plenty of applications that will be ideal for commercial/civilian drone aircraft.Things like surveys or surveillance, long duration scientific apps etc.I was not in the air force, however I am a good pilot and I am curious if there are programs for civilians to train and certify to be drone pilots?


Erik T Answered:
Yes, it's possible.You need to find the military contractors that fly UAVs for the military or law enforcement.They will know what the requirements are.Typically, you'll need a college degree and be able to pass a security clearance.Many contractors are former military, but if you have other skills they are looking for, like an engineering degree they might want you anyway.

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Zach Answered:
indiana state university where i got my degree in aviation technology, started offering a minor in uav flight my senior year. i know alot of other colleges that have aviation are doing the same. i took the classes, since i had the pre requisites it only took me us201 and us202 to get my minor.

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