Russian aircraft carrier in UK?

Woody Asked: Russian aircraft carrier in UK?

Yeah so I'm guessing you heard of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" was caught dumping rubbish into the Scottish coast and was followed by the Royal Navy destroyer "HMS York"
And Russia excuse was "Stormy weathers" And I'm pretty sure a while back a Russian "Tu-95 Bear" was in Britain's airspace and the British RAF had to fly side by side to scare it away.
Why do Russia do this?


alien Answered:
becouse russia is a super power
and the uk can`t do anything

Karl Answered:
Russia is trying to test what the UK response times would be if they where to ever invade us. Russia has been watching the UK for years. They managed to get all the top secret information from Obama on our Nuclear Weapons and Volume.

With all the unrest around the world at the moment with Iran and Syria, I would not be surprised if this started a multy continent war (WW3) Russia and China keep warning the USA to back off from both Iran and Syria.

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I am pretty sure if it all kicked off then Russia would bomb the UK as we are the USA sidekick.

Old Folkie Answered:
They have been doing it for many years, since the end of the second world war. It is a high stakes "Game" to test the other sides reaction times. The US also carries out these "Tests" on other countries.

aee Answered:
That's it, slowpokes, you're all doomed. Pack your teas and get your vaseline ready: the Russians are coming!

Geoff B Answered:
If Russia and the UK were school girls, which compared to the US they are, it would be like Russia pulling the UKs ponytails and starting a hissy fight.

Brown Bearz Answered:
War games – it's a cold war testing strategy

Manfred Answered:
And brown bearz America would be the girl in the corner wetting her pats and crying her eyes out as usual!
Only coming in to any play ground fight in the last minute keeping up her proud tradition of trying to claim the credit when the fight is nearly over!

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